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Re-enrolment Your on-going Pension Duties

re-enrolment duties - ea-asssit payroll support diss norwich

Re-enrolment Your on-going Pension Duties

Re-enrolment & Pensions – Your on-going duties

By now all employers should have a workplace pension scheme in place for all eligible employees.
Once the initial pension scheme is set up there are several on-going duties that must be completed by the employer on a regular basis. One of those is re-enrolment.

The Facts

Every three years you most put certain members of staff who have left the scheme back in to it. The re-enrolment date will be approximately 3 years after your original scheme enrolment date.

The most important task in re-enrolment is to ensure you complete and submit re-declaration of compliance.

This is a legal duty and you could be fined if you do not complete this within the given time scale.

Penalties start with a warning letter but will escalate in to considerable fines if you do not complete your pension duties.

What to do

There is a a 6 month window to complete re-enrolment duties for everyone. You can check your date by clicking here.

You will need to assess your staff to see who needs to be re-enrolled. For example, anyone who has left the scheme or who’s income has dropped to below £10,000 per year.

When you have assessed who is eligible you will need to write to those members of staff.

Once you have written to your staff you will need to complete your re-declaration of compliance. This is a very important part of re-enrolment and you must file it before the end of your 6 month period to avoid fines.

How can EA Assist help?

We can complete all your re-enrolment tasks on your behalf. Call us now to find out just how easy re-enrolment can be when we complete it for you.

EA Assist can check your deadline dates, asses your staff, provide letters to give to those applicable and file your re-declaration of compliance on your behalf.

To find out more about our re-enrolment service check out our factsheet here.

Contact us on 01379 646943 to chat to one of our payroll and pension specialists to find out how we can help you with your re-enrolment duties.