PayDashboard Case Study: Oasis Amusements - EA Assist
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PayDashboard Case Study: Oasis Amusements

oasis amusements paydashboard

PayDashboard Case Study: Oasis Amusements

Oasis Amusements – Hemsby, Norfolk
Paydashboard and Payroll


Like many businesses Oasis Amusements has busy periods through the summer and holiday seasons along with quieter periods at other times. The seasonal fluctuations, which means fluctuations in staff –means their payroll can go from 17 weekly members of staff to 25, and can be very time consuming just the business doesn’t need it to be.

We know it’s really difficult in those busy periods to keep on top of all the changes and updates in payroll that need to be completed to keep staff paid correctly and on time and avoid any financial penalties.

Back in March 2016 Oasis Amusements decided it would be better, for both the business and the staff, to look at outsourcing their payroll function. They were introduced to EA Assist Ltd who took over the payroll function for all staff. This comprised of weekly and monthly payroll runs, with the payslips being emailed to Oasis to be printed out and passed on to staff. This change alone saved valuable time but also meant that Oasis could come to EA Assist for advice on the many challenges of PAYE, SSP, SMP and Holiday pay.

“With so many staff and such different hours, our payroll was taking longer and longer to sort. When RTI came in and then the workplace pensions we thought our time could be better spent on running the business so we decided to outsource our payroll to EA Assist. The introduction of e-payslips with Paydashboard has made the process even easier for us so we now submit the time sheets and EA Assist handles the rest of the admin role. Staff receive their payslip notification emails and can access at a time to suit them, it saves is printing and posting to those who work out of office hours making it much easier for us to administer.”
Mark Roberts, Director Oasis Amusements



In November Oasis decided to move to a new payroll service EA Assist introduced called Paydashboard

Paydashboard is a fully interactive payslip platform. It allows EA Assist to run the payroll, having received the payroll information from Oasis, and upload the data to Paydashboard. It allows the business owner to log in and view the dashboard showing the weekly and monthly payroll including employees salaries along with National Insurance, Pension contributions and any bonus or overtime payments. Going forward Paydashboard will show payroll financials for the year, or month, giving you an overview of staffing costs for the business on an on-going basis.

One of the time consuming tasks that is removed by using paydashboard is printing payslips. While emailing payslips has been ok in the past, with the new GDPR regulations on sharing data, its much safer to use a secure portal. Paydashboard e-payslips means staff can log in to view their payslips at their own convienence. It will also keep their payslips going forward so if they need them for reference for mortgage applications or something similar they will be able to access them from their own secure portal. For the business owner its one less task to perform. Sometimes if staff are part-time or working in a remote location it can be difficult to get payslips to them on time, the e-payslip removes these issues.

All Oasis need to do now is send over the time-sheets for staff by an agreed date and EA Assist do the rest. Notification that the months payroll is ready to be viewed is sent, while staff get their own notifications regarding their payslips.

It’s so easy to set up and very easy to manage our payroll now. The cost, which isn’t very much, far out weights the time previously spent and many a stressful panic trying to get things printed and handed out to staff on time!

Find out more about Paydashboard with EA Assist here or find out more about outsourced payroll with EA Assist by visiting our website here.

If you would much rather pick up the phone and speak to us then please call the EA Assist office on 01379 646943.