Work Place Pension
workplace pensions are essential if you employ someone. Contact us now to find out about setting up your scheme, whats available and whats best for you. We offer a full setup service and ongoing support should you need it.
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WorkPlace Pensions

auto enrolment workplace pensions



Unfortunately, there’s nothing automatic about the new Workplace Pension regulations, other than automatic fines and penalties if your business does not comply by a set “staging date”.


The Workplace Pension scheme involves lots of preparation and planning, undertaking a series of steps to avoid daily fines, and integrating a pension scheme with your payroll software.


Contact us now to find out how these apply to your business, and sort out your new Workplace Pension scheme for a one off fee today.


Assess your employees eligibility for workplace pensions before your unique staging date, and communicate your record keeping requirements.


Ensure you are properly registered with The Pensions Regulator and an appropriate pensions provider in advance of your staging date.


Release the monthly administration burden that goes with the new rules, by automating your system, and getting the information you and your employees need.


Work Place Pensions are not simply a one-time requirement: We'll ensure your employees are regularly monitored and their workplace pension requirements reviewed.


You can rest assured that all the relevant payroll deductions and auto enrolment reporting requirements are being met by each monthly deadline.


Once your workplace scheme is up and running, its completely integrated with our payroll software for reporting, notifications and updates.


MANAGING YOUR WORKPLACE PENSION REQUIREMENT – Leave the research and regulations to us, and stay compliant. One Off Set Up Services start at £250+VAT

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