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payroll, new employee, national insurance, find national insurance for employee
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Taking on a new employee – Payroll & NI tasks

new employee, payroll, national insurance, find NI number

Taking on a new employee – Payroll & NI tasks

Payroll & NI when you take on a new employee


When you take on a new employee you need to get them set up on the payroll system as soon as possible.

Making sure you have all the relevant information for a new employee avoids future problems with filings and errors in tax codes. Having all their correct contact details and National Insurance Number is essential when they first join.

The easiest way to manager your payroll function is to outsource it. EA Assist have a series of templates for you to complete for joiners and leavers and will be able to run your payroll each month making all the changes you need with regard to employees.

To find out more about EA Assist and how we can help you with your payroll function give us a call now.

If you are running your own payroll for your staff here’s some top tips on helping new employees find their National Insurance number.

Finding your National Insurance Number

If your employee doesn’t have their National Insurance number they can find it in the following ways:

1. Find it on line or with the HMRC app.

Individuals can now view and print proof, as well as share an image of their NI number via their online Personal Tax Account (PTA) or via the HMRC app. You can find out more about the HMRC tax app here.

If individuals are accessing their PTA for the first time and they do not have their NI number, they will be asked to provide their full name and postcode, which must match HMRC’s records. To confirm their identity, they may also be asked to provide information from a P60, a recent payslip or a valid passport.

To use the HMRC App, individuals should sign in using the method they chose when they set up your Personal Tax Account. For future access, they can choose the option to open using a passcode or fingerprint recognition.

Confirming a NI number is just one of the PTA functions available – individuals can see their current and previous tax code, view and print the pay and tax details from their employment or update their name and address. You can find out more about your personal tax account here.

2. Previous payslips, P60s, or letters about tax, pensions and benefits.

Previous payslips, letters or P60s will show the National Insurance number.

3. By Post

Your employee can complete a form and get us to post their NI number.
Click here to visit the form on the HMRC website. Complete this form and send it off to HMRC.

Please note it can take up to 15 days for them to receive their NI number by post. They can contact the National Insurance Number Helpline here.


Using the correct NI number is important, it helps ensure that all records are correct, helps prevent using incorrect tax codes and ultimately prevents more work for employers and HMRC.

You need to submit the Full Payment Submission every time you pay an employee. If they’re unable to provide a NI number then you should leave the relevant field on the form blank and HMRC may be able trace it.

This is important to make sure the taxes and NI they pay is recorded on the correct account and make sure that taxpayers can qualify for certain benefits and the State Pension.

Keeping up with payroll filings and updates can be time consuming. EA Assist offers a payroll solution tailored to your needs. Whether you have 1 employee or 100 employees we can help.

We offer a range of services to help and support your, your payroll staff and your team including e-payslips, year-end reporting and all statutory filings.

Contact us now on 01370 646943 to find out more.