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New to business? New to payroll? Find out what you need to do with regard to payroll and work place pensions for your new members of staff. If you are new to business and need to employ staff straight away then give us a call. We will guide you though the payroll and work place pensions mine field and ensure you know what you need to do and when. Payroll Diss, Norwich Norfolk.
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Starting up in business or new to employing people?

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Starting up in business or new to employing people?

If you are starting a new business on or after 1st October 2017 with one or more employees or employing someone for the first time you will need to get a workplace pension scheme set up for them straight away.

The first thing to do is register with HMRC as an employer which you can do here. They will then provide you with your PAYE reference and accounts office reference along with other information on your PAYE account. If you do not submit any PAYE information for 120 days your account will be closed, HMRC will write to you to notify you if this happens.

The next step is Work Place Pensions for new members of staff. This involves choosing a pension scheme that suits you and your business and registering your applicable staff members. With lots to do in between – the last thing to do is complete your declaration of compliance with the pensions regulator.

If you would rather spend your time and effort in other areas of your business then we can manage your work place pension and payroll services for you. To find out more about our payroll solutions and work place pension support services please give us a call on 01379 646943.

EA Assist Ltd can help you choose the right pension for you, register your staff and ensure you know and comply with your on-going responsibilities. We offer a full range of payroll services for 1 or 100 members of staff, including pension contributions along with e-payslip services on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

To find out more visit our website here or give us a call now.